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Meteor Showers

Do you know what a meteor shower is? If not, you should definitely get ready for the next one. Meteor Showers are some of the most exciting stargazing spectacles ever! Astronomy-Kids will keep you informed on when the next meteor shower is happening, so you can prepare yourself in time watch the night sky "rain" with stars!

The next meteor shower is:

"Perseids" on August 12th & 13th. Best viewing time: 9pm - 3am


Planetary Oppositions

When a planet is "in opposition" it means it's time to get out that telescope, because the planet is closer to Earth than usual and is way bigger and brighter than ever!

The next planetary opposition is:

Jupiter on September 21st Best viewing time: Between 1AM & 6AM.


More information coming soon!


More information coming soon!


More information coming soon!

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