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- The Solar System
- Telescopes and Stargazing!
- Comets & Meteors
- Constellations
- The Milky Way and other Galaxies
- Black Holes, Nebulae, White Dwarfs, and Supernovae!
- The History of Astronomy
- Possibility of life on other planets

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Astronomy for Kids list of content:

Solar System for Kids - fun & easy learning for the young Astronomer!
A rocket-ride through Solar System for Kids facts and fun! Learn all about our planet neighbors!
Outer Space for Kids & more at
Facts about Outer Space for Kids. Do you know what happens when a star explodes? Or what a Black Hole is? Deep space has some amazing stuff going on!
Astronomy-Kids stargazing dates & preparation for young stargazers!
Information on stargazing for the young astronomer. Plan & prepare for your next nightsky watch!
History & Ancient Astronomy from
Although ancient astronomy seems primitive, each culture contributed to the science of astronomy in some way. The complete history of astronomy for young internet astronauts!
How do Telescopes work? Who invented the Telescope? @
So how do Telescopes work anyway? We know they are used to make distant objects appear closer, but how is all of this acheived? Find out at
All about the Hubble Telescope at
The Hubble Telescope orbits just outside the Earth's atmosphere and has made many amazing discoveries. Explore the history of this amazing device and discover how it works!
All about planet Mercury at
Planet Mercury is a very interesting place. You could ice skate there at night, then melt metal in the day. Now that's some rapid climate change for being the closest planet to the Sun!
All about the planet Venus at
Known for its brilliant twinkle, the planet Venus is a beautiful spectacle in the night sky, but an even more interesting place to explore!
All about planet Earth at
Did you know planet Earth is made up of mostly water? Liquid water, along with our planet's protective shield (the atmosphere), has made our blue home the perfect place for millions of living species.
All about planet Mars at
Life on planet Mars? Scientists and astronomy geeks would like to believe so. One thing is for sure, Mars is a very interesting and mysterious world!
All about planet Jupiter at
Heard of the Great Red Spot on planet Jupiter? Would you believe that it's a massive storm that has lasted for about 300 years!? Come explore the largest planet!
All about the planet Saturn at
It's the sixth planet from the Sun, but planet Saturn is especially known for its many rings. Did you know these rings are made of ice and rock? Brrrr, cold!
All about planet Uranus at
Did you know the planet Uranus has 27 moons, most of which are named after characters from plays written by Shakespeare? Interesting facts for the interesting planet!
All about planet Neptune at
Did you know the planet Neptune is also sometimes classified as an Ice Giant? Neptune was named after the Roman god of the sea ...and for good reason!
Dwarf Planet facts & fun at
Now known as a dwarf planet, Pluto has been demoted! It is one of many in the new category added in 2006. Did you know one of these small worlds may contain evidence of life?
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