Astro Activities
and Space Projects!

There are many space projects, activities, and experiments you can do to learn all about the universe and have fun while doing it!

Under construction, please stay tuned! For now, maybe you can get some cool ideas for space projects by reading about our solar system, there are a TON of interesting facts!

The activities section will be completed very soon!

Coloring Pages

Coming soon..

- Planet coloring pages
- Sun coloring page
- Moon coloring page
- Entire solar system coloring page
- Comets/Meteors/Asteroid coloring page
- Rocket and Astronaut coloring page

Projects & Experiments

Coming soon..

- Build an Air Powered Bottle Rocket
- Make suspended diagram of Solar System

Teacher Lesson Plans & Activities

Coming soon..

- Projects & experiments for the classroom
- Assignments for at home experiments and projects
- Describe the moon phases
- Explain why we have seasons
- Making your own Sun Dial
- What makes stars twinkle

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